Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure has become quite a common condition in today’s world. Only by measuring it can we identify high blood pressure. Many people need to have their blood pressure monitored daily. For people who need constant monitoring, it is much more convenient to have a blood pressure monitor at home. There are many user-friendly machines that can be used with ease. These machines are usually automatic blood pressure monitors. Basically there are two types of blood pressure monitors – aneroid and digital monitors. Aneroid blood pressure monitors are manual monitors and is much more difficult to use than automatic blood pressure monitors. Digital blood pressure monitors are automatic blood pressure monitors. The automatic blood pressure monitors are reliable and give accurate blood pressure readings. The readings appear on a digital display and these readings can be printed out or stored in the memory of the automatic blood pressure monitor.

Features of Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

Some of the automatic blood pressure monitor models have a cuff and a gauge to record the blood pressure. They start to function when a button is pushed and measures accurately the blood pressure and pulse. To get personalised inflation, as well as deflation, there is provision for electronic circuitry. But for completely automatic blood pressure monitors, the inflation and deflation are gentle, easy and fast. They measure the heart rate and blood pressure automatically by assessing the arterial flow of blood.

Different Types of Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

There are automatic blood pressure monitors that can be worn on arm, wrist or finger. Of these three types, arm blood pressure monitor is the most accurate. Finger blood pressure monitor is said to be the least accurate, while wrist blood pressure monitor is said to be much more accurate than the finger monitors.

The treatment schedules of some patients need round the clock monitoring. They have to keep a gauge with them and need Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM). To record ABPM, automatic blood pressure monitor is connected to the patient’s arm. There are fully automatic, free blood pressure monitors that convert pressure readings to measurable electronic waves. These digital blood pressure monitors come with clear displays. But these monitors must be corrected for errors regularly at periodic intervals. There is also use and throw monitors that give readings, which are comparatively error free and cost less. They can also be easily operated. These monitors are battery operated, are portable and easy to take it around with the patients.

Before purchasing an automatic blood pressure monitor, make an informed decision on which monitor to buy. With the advance in technology, there are many reliable good automatic blood pressure monitors, but the level of their accuracy can vary. Companies like Microlife, Omron, Panasonic, A & D and Braun make some of the good automatic blood pressure monitors. It is possible to purchase blood pressure monitors online. The websites like Medisave and The First Aid Warehouse give free gifts and promotions. For instance, some of the offers include a free first aid kit with Medisave; and at First Aid Warehouse, a pedometer is free with the Omron machine.