Blood Pressure Charts

Blood pressure is a parameter to measure the pressure of the blood that flows through the blood vessels usually known as arteries. Each time the heart beats it means it pumps out the blood. The pressure reaches it’s highest when heart beats. This has been known as systolic pressure. And when the heart takes rests the blood pressure automatically falls. This has been termed as diastolic pressure. With these two numbers the blood pressure has always been measured. So both the numbers are equally important in this regard. On a usual manner the numbers are written one above the other.

The numbers has been measured in millimeters of mercury. At the time of writing the blood pressure number the measurement of the systolic pressure are generally written on the top and the diastolic pressures are written at the bottom. For instances 120/ 80. In that case it should be remembered that after a meal or exercise the level of blood pressure rises. So the blood pressure level should be checked at the time of relaxation. In the day time the blood pressure level continuously changes. At the time of sleeping or relaxation the level comes down to the lowest point. Excitement, nervousness or activeness is the conditions when blood pressure levels rises.

There is a blood pressure chart to have an over view of blood pressure measurement. The blood pressure chart usually used to exhibit the normal ranges of blood pressure for an adult healthy person or adult of a certain age. There is also a band that has been given to measure the ranges. When a reading is falling within the band it means the blood pressure level is perfectly ok. When the measurement exceeds the level of that band, it needs to be conceived that the blood pressure implies attention and one needs doctor’s prescription.

There are some factors that have come to play an important role in preparing the blood pressure chart. That are:-

  • At the time of travail or other stress there may be the possibility of higher blood pressures than normal.
  • On the first occasion only Blood pressure should be measuring in both arms. If any difference of more than 10 mmHg found between the two arms then next time onwards for measuring blood pressure using of the higher reading arm would be effective one.
  • But a better measure can be given with the average of two readings, which will take a couple of minutes apart.
  • Blood pressure measurement is coming usually lower at home than clinical readings.
  • It is modality to use a wrist device that gives the same level device as the heart gives. The desired position for measuring blood pressure would be crossing of arm across the chest and laying the fingers under just the collar bone.

The chart should have three column of category, Systolic pressure (mm Hg) and Diastolic Pressure (mm Hg). Under the Category, Optimal, Normal, High-normal, Mild Hypertension, Moderate Hypertension and Severe Hypertension falls of which the level should be Less than 120/ Less than 80; Less than 130/ Less than 85; Less than 140/ Less than 90; Less than 160/ Less than 100; Less than 180/ Less than 110; 180 or more/ 110 or more.