Blood Pressure Levels

Blood in our body has been carried out from the heart to all parts of our body through the arteries. It has been carried through with a pressure that is called blood pressure. This pressure or force is helping the blood by pushing to circulate throughout. Heart functioning here as a pumping station that with each beats i.e. at rest about 60-70 times a minute, pumps out the blood into the arteries. At the time when heart beats pumping the blood, the blood pressure will be at its highest. It has a name that is systolic pressure. At the time when heart is asleep, blood pressure automatically accrues.

In a normal system, blood pressure in two numbers, the systolic and diastolic pressures are invariably given. Both the numbers are very much significant. They are usually written in a manner like 120/80 mmHg. The top number signifies the systolic number and the behind number signifies the diastolic pressure number. In the case when the number is written like 120/80 mmHg, one can say that it is 120 over 80. It changes or varies as one sleeps and get up. The blood pressure also can vary on the mental conditions like excitations, nervousness or activeness. Blood pressure also varies as one is sitting or standing still.

The blood pressure level should always be lower than 120/80. It will be considered as the high level blood pressure when this measurement reaching or exceeding 140/90. There are many health problems comes with high blood pressures like, functioning of heart became harder, chances of a stroke, kidney problems and heart attacks became prominent. As there is no single cause for high blood pressure it has been termed as primary blood pressure. But there is a possibility of high blood pressure due to medical problems or some medications.

Blood pressure level has been divided into two stages: Stage 1 and stage 2. In normal circumstances the blood pressure should be like 120/80 mmHg. In cases of pre-hypertension the level may increase from 120 to 139 and in diastolic from 80 to 89. In stage 1 high blood pressure the level varies from 140 to 159 in systolic and from 90 to 99 in diastolic. In cases of stage 2 high blood pressure the systolic level can exceed 160 and 100 at diastolic level. This measurement is only meant for the adults who are above 18 years and who are not undergoing any medication for high blood pressure or not having any sort of short-term serious kind of illness or do not have any kidney diseases or diabetes.  To control the blood pressure level doctors advices to control the body weight, low salt diet and sometimes a humble exercising.

Depending upon the blood pressure level the measurement of blood pressure has been done and resting upon it doctors prescribes accordingly. In our modern hyper-tenacious life blood pressure level checking on regular basis is need.