Blood Pressure Measurement

It is mostly seen that the people take out some time for measuring their blood pressure. The process of blood pressure measurement is a simple and painless one and enables you know enough about the condition of your heart and the other blood vessels. In the blood pressure management the doctor mostly measures the highest and the lowest pressure created by the beatings of the heart also termed as ‘systolic’ and ‘diastolic’ respectively. Defining the ‘systolic’ and ‘diastolic’ pressure in detail one can say that the former is the maximum pressure created in the artery when the heart is pumping blood throughout the body while the later one is minimum amount of pressure created in the artery when the heart beats.

Process of blood pressure measurement

Before taking the reading of the pressure of your blood you need to be very relaxed. Your arm must be very well supported when you are blood pressure reading is about to be taken. You can also choose to lie on an examination couch. Firstly a cuff that inflates is wrapped around your arm and then placed with Velcro. Out of the cuff a tube is attached to the rubber bulb. A second tube is attched both to the cuff and a reservoir of mercury. The pressure which is recorded on the cuff is shown on the mercury column. Then air is bown into the cuff and pressure is increased and at this time you will also feel the tightening on the upper part of the arm. It is here when the docor puts a stethoscope on your arm and then proceeds to listen to the pulse after which the air is slowly let out again. The moment when the doctor hears the pulse the measurement of the systolic pressure takes place. In the course of time the sound will become more distant and it will disappear finally. However the diastolic pressure will be measured the moment when the doctor will discontinue hearing the pulse. You should note that the measurement of blood pressure is taken in terms of mercury millimeters.

Devices of blood pressure management

The electronic blood pressure measuring devices are those which are becoming the norm at the present times. Due to its hazardous nature mercury is being phased out. Most of the electronic blood pressure measuring devices are now accurate for the purpose of routine clinical use and are less expensive than that of others. The errors generated by human beings in blood pressure measurement are generally eliminated by them. Automated blood measuring devices have also been validated to make the procedure simpler than ever. In fact with the automatic devices blood pressure measurement becomes more widespread and could be simply used. Automatic devices are increasingly used to obtain a correct evalutaion and also to control the blood pressure when the symptoms appear. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of an antihypertensive drug therapy automatic devices are beneficial. With these devices the patient can keep in blood pressure in check.