Blood Pressure Medication

Blood pressure is the pressure which blood exerts on the walls of the arteries which carry blood from the heart to the different organs. Measured at its highest point when the heart beats to its lowest point when the heart is at rest between beats, healthy blood pressure is considered to be between 120/80 mm/hg. When the pressure rises above this level, a person suffers from a condition known as hypertension, or when it dips below this, the person has a condition called hypotension. Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to fatal conditions and urgent care and medication for blood pressure is immediately advised. Low blood pressure, though not directly fatal, one may be forced to take medication to keep the blood pressure at normal levels.

The kind of medicine prescribed for blood pressure (usually High Blood Pressure) depends upon the factor causing the pressure to rise. If high blood pressure is due to excessive of salts and liquids, a type of medication known as diuretics is prescribed. If on the other hand, the pressure has risen due to narrowing (constriction) of the arteries, the medication acts on the sympathetic nerves which are responsible for this condition, and prevent the arteries from constricting. Called Sympathetic nerve inhibitors, these drugs act upon the sympathetic nerves to cure the condition they cause. If calcium build-up in the arteries is the cause of the blood pressure, medications which prevent calcium deposits in the arteries are prescribed. It therefore goes without saying that just because one hears the effectiveness of one drug, or if one medicine has cured someone of his condition, don’t leap to the conclusion that this is the best cure for your hypertension. There are really no ‘wonder drugs’ which can bring about a magical cure and lower your blood pressure. Medicine for you blood pressure must be prescribed by you medical practitioner after a careful analysis of various factors and causes of your condition.

Besides medicines, a change in lifestyle and habits are equally vital in bringing down blood pressure. Most commonly found causes of high blood pressure are stress/tension resulting from the day to day pressures of work/study or sustenance, irregular and unhealthy dietary habits like eating at odd hours, too much of fatty or fried foods and insufficient liquid intake. The sedentary lifestyle and lack of regular physical activity are also conditions conducive to high blood pressure. In addition to regular medication to counter the problem, a healthy nutritious diet coupled with breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, and other cardio vascular exercises can help lower high blood pressure.

A condition caused and elevated due to the stresses of modern life, a change for the better and a way to cope with the stressful situations effectively are the best way to maintain blood pressure levels. Medication for blood pressure must be taken as per individual needs as prescribed by a physician on analyzing the condition causing the variation in blood pressure. Due care and caution must be exercised in order to ensure that high blood pressure does not lead to a life threatening situation.