Finger Blood Pressure Monitors

The blood pressure monitor is a significant tool used to keep track of your blood pressure. It gives you the variations that occur in your body depending on your activities. To measure blood pressure using non-invasive methods, oscillometric technology can be adopted. The oscillometric technology uses electronic pressure sensor fitted in the cuff to detect the flow of blood. There is a broad range of monitors available in the market. Digital blood pressure monitors make accurate readings and are available in finger, wrist or arm cuffs.

Characteristics Of Finger Blood Pressure Monitors

The blood pressure monitor with the finger-type cuff assembly consists of the main unit, the cover attached to it in such a way that the cover can be opened and also closed. A portion of the foldable finger cuff is attached to this cover and configured to open when the cover opens. The chamber between the cover and the main unit contains the foldable finger cuff when the cover is closed.

The finger blood pressure monitor uses new technology. It is ideal for patients who have to check their blood pressure frequently. The finger blood pressure monitors are extremely lightweight and so easily portable. All it needs is to place your index finger in the finger cuff and the cuff automatically inflates when a button is pressed. The LCD displays the digital reading measurements. The finger blood pressure monitors displays alternatively not only systolic and diastolic pressures, but also pulse readings. The finger blood pressure monitor is battery operated.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Finger Blood Pressure Monitor

A major section prefer the finger blood pressure monitor even though it is less accurate when compared with the arm blood pressure monitor. The finger blood pressure monitors are extremely sensitive to the position and movements of the body, as well as body temperatures. Besides, the finger blood pressure monitors are much more expensive than the other blood pressure monitors. But the advantage is that it is much more lighter. Moreover, there is no need to roll up your sleeves. If you choose to buy the finger blood pressure monitor, it is necessary to compare the readings with that of the normal arm blood pressure apparatus.

An important thing to be done is to check the blood pressure monitors for accuracy. To do that, ask the doctor to inspect it and also verify with the doctor to see if you are using your monitor correctly. Take your pressure in front of the doctor so that the doctor can instruct you if you are doing anything wrong. Furthermore, when you visit the doctor take the digital blood pressure readings list with you. It is also imperative that the finger blood pressure monitors must be handled and stored with proper care and checked once every year. Inspect the tubing periodically to see if there are leaks or cracks. The twisting of the tubing must be avoided and must be kept away from the heat as well. These monitors help you in routine checks and thereby help to lower your blood pressure effectively.