Good Blood Pressure

The very word Blood Pressure conjures figures of people suffering from some or the other ailment of the heart. In medical parlance Blood Pressure is the amount of pressure inside the blood vessels (arteries) which carry blood from the heart. This pressure is measured at two points; the systolic pressure measured when the heart pumps blood into the blood vessels (the moment of the heart beat) and the diastolic pressure measured when the heart is at rest between two beats. The ideal Blood Pressure is when the systolic pressure is 115 mm/hg and the diastolic pressure is at 75 mm/hg. Measures of 120/80 are also considered within the normal Blood Pressure range. A person who does not have healthy blood pressure suffers either from common symptom called hypertension (High Blood Pressure); a condition when the arterial pressure is abnormally high, or hypotension (Low Blood Pressure) where the pressure on the arteries is low. Although more commonly thought of as an affliction of middle aged men, research and studies indicate that women are also at a risk from high blood pressure. What is most alarming is that these days, young children are also found to be suffering from abnormal blood pressure.

In today’s high pressure world, where one is almost constantly under stress, high blood pressure is commonplace. Besides stress, other lifestyle factors such as smoking and eating an unbalanced diet also are commonly cited reasons for high blood pressure. What is less talked of though are medical conditions; some of which may be genetic, which lead to narrowing of the arteries, above normal blood volume etc. leading to high blood pressure. Though it is difficult to identify the exact cause of High Blood Pressure, in some cases the condition may be cured. But prevention and control are the best remedies.

Lower than normal blood pressure levels may result due to medication for an illness or reaction to some event. It is commonly for blood pressure to dip when we stand up suddenly, bend down and get upright. In most cases the body reacts automatically to regulate the blood pressure and bring it back to the normal levels. Though the patient may feel dizzy and weak, low blood pressure is not much cause for alarm. While doctors will try to identify the cause of hypotension and cure it, unlike hypertension, it is not immediately life threatening. Of course, hypotension may be dangerous because it causes dizziness and weakness, which may in turn lead to accidental death.

Maintaining good blood pressure is essential for maintenance of a healthy body. High Blood pressure is often cited as the top reason for heart attacks and strokes, both of which can be fatal. Other diseases like kidney failure, heart failure and dysfunction of other vital organs can result if one does not maintain healthy blood pressure. As it is impossible to isolate the cause of abnormal blood pressure, one has to endeavor to maintain good blood pressure through regular exercises, healthy and nutritious diet and living a stress free lifestyle. Healthy Blood Pressure is a sure indicator of a healthy heart and a healthy heart in turn indicates of a healthy mind and body.