Headache And High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries. The normal blood pressure is 120 x 80 or lower than that. If the blood pressure is 140 x 90 or higher, then it is high blood pressure. The general consensus about one of the symptoms of high blood pressure or hypertension is headache. High blood pressure is typical of hypertension formally termed as arterial hypertension.

It is a common belief among people with high blood pressure that if they develop headache, it must be because of increase in blood pressure. This is because both headache as well as high blood pressure is common occurrence. But the connection between both has not been confirmed. Many studies are being conducted to find out if high blood pressure cause headache. Research reveals that if the blood pressure is 200/110 or above, then there is a chance of the blood pressure precipitating headache. But it must be diagnosed if blood pressure is the cause of headache. Besides, there is also the possibility that the blood pressure has risen because of the pain experienced by the individual.

Reasons That Led To The Link Of Headache And High Blood Pressure

  • If individuals suffering from headaches on their visit to the doctor had their blood pressure checked, this might have led to the erroneous causal link.
  • Those who have been diagnosed of high blood pressure might be more concerned and anxious because of their condition and this might cause headache.
  • Those suffering from high blood pressure and headache may share some common factors like comparatively sedentary lifestyle, obesity, consuming fatty food and food high in sodium. Both the conditions might be due to the choices and lifestyles of the people.

Evidence From Studies

Studies have been conducted to prove that headache and high blood pressure have no connection. In a survey about 25,000 were surveyed and their pattern of headache, frequency and baseline of their blood pressure were noted. After a decade these people were surveyed again to determine if there are links between blood pressure and headache. The study revealed that a quarter of the respondents suffered from repeated headaches. But the findings were that it was people with low blood pressure who suffered more from headache than people with high blood pressure. The study also discovered that those with high blood pressure, who suffered from headache, experienced it in a lesser degree. The study concluded that there is no link between blood pressure and headache, but in fact suggests its opposite is the truth. But this study did not create any impact and has made no lasting impression.

Some other studies have revealed that individuals with hypertension are susceptible to migraine headache, which can be treated with drugs like beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure. Yet other studies report that headaches are caused as side effects on consumption of blood pressure lowering drugs like vasodilators and alpha-blockers. There has been no conclusive theory connecting high blood pressure and headache.