Homeopathy Medicine For Hypertension

Homeopathy talks about a holistic approach. In hypertension, the kidney is examined because if the problem is in this organ, then a specific medicine is given. Sometimes hypertension is due to a heart condition or stress. At other times no reason can be found. At such times, there are other remedies. In homeopathy unlike siddha system a blood pressure instrument is used.

We have discussed about siddha medicine and homeopathy above. Now let us see what are the treatments they suggest. Homeopathy always claims to have an advantage. It is supposed to energise the system with a subtle medication which is not chemical. In homeopathy they have a methodology that has an influence on the mind, the emotions and on the body through a non-chemical medication. The patient is educated but at the same time it is not fully dependent on the patient’s self-realisation. If the right remedy has been found, internal adjustment occurs at all levels and spheres. At first all the physical factors, mental and emotional status, intellectual status are all verified. The person’s response to the food and environment is considered. His response to disease also is important. Some get depressed and others are casual when they are made aware of their hypertensive status. All this reactions are recorded. What emerges out of all this is the constitution of the individual. For this the medication is given.

It is the similarity that gives stimulus to the body as we know homeo means ‘iller’ (similar) and pathos means disease. In siddha system elevation of the ‘pittam’ in the blood is considered to be due to one’s diet and routine. The patient is advised to refine the quantity and quality of food. He is asked to avoid ‘pittam’ creating food in his diet. Brinjals and potatoes which are pittam dominated are to be avoided. The workload is to be cut down to one-third. The person is asked to avoid smoking, stop consuming alcohol and he should also listen to his favourite music both in the morning and evening. In the treatment of blood pressure metallic medicines are not given. Siddha medicine practitioners generally refer their patients to allopathy

  1. If there is pain in chest/ shoulder
  2. If the blood pressure is greater than 180 mm.

One advantage in homoeopathy system is that if a person is on allopathy medicines for his high blood pressure and he wants to shift to homeopathy, he can start taking homeopathy medicines along with his allopathic drugs. Once his blood pressure is stable he can decrease the dose of allopathic drugs. This way the homeopathy system is very cautious with its patients.