How To Take Blood Pressure

The procedure of checking blood pressure.

  • Check whether the Equipment is Ready or not – It is imperative that Blood pressure varies from age to age, the position (means standing, lying down or sitting position) in which the pressure is being measuring. For instances the OMRON M5-I has been considered as a comfortable and automatic good standard machine. But one must ensure the thing that the batteries of the machine are in its proper functioning position before applying to take blood pressure.  Because weak batteries sometimes can give false readings. The machine also needs to be in its good condition and well charged.
  • A quick look all around the Blood Pressure Machine is necessary -There are many designed Blood pressure machines or sphygmomanometers available in market. The most important fact about the Blood pressure machines are their functioning. The operations of those machines are usually ver user friendly. There is  on/off switch and the start button in the machine.
  • Emplacement of the Arm and Equipment – in order to take the reading the left arm should be used. While using the wrist cuff, it is important to ascertain the wrist at the equal height as the chest. The person who is sitting comfortably or in a position of relaxation the blood pressure reading would be normal. At the same time their elbow also should resting on a surface. After that around the upper arm wrap the cuff until it feels close-fitting. The cuff should be positioned above the elbow about 2 cm. Velcro strip on a usual manner makes this easy. The cord straight to the machine that comes from the cuff needs to be run down the inside of the arm.
  • Taking the Blood Pressure – the procedure of taking blood pressure takes only few seconds and this should be explained to the person of whom the pressure is taking. As the reading is taken they will first feel the cuff to be tighten and then deprecate. It is a complete automatic technique. After switching on the machine the panel will light up and numbers will display.
  • Reading of Blood Pressure & Pulse – one can see three readings solely depending upon the model that have been used after the cuff has finished deflating. Blood pressure has been measured in millimetres (mm) of mercury (Hg), and pulse rate in beats per minute. A top reading of 122, a bottom reading of 71 and a pulse rate of 63 are being showed by the picture. (normal pulse rate at rest is between 60 – 80; average 72).
  • Understanding The Blood Pressure Reading – it is imperative to say in this case that blood pressure and pulse rate if taken just after exercise, or smoking any emotional stress, it will be higher. In an adult who has a normal weight, height and she or he is at rest a normal blood pressure will be around 120 over 80. 140 over 90 will be a high blood pressure, and a very high blood pressure is around 200 over 100. Behind the higher blood pressures age came to play a significant role there. High blood pressures can also bring about health problems in anything from headaches to heart problems.