Jobs And High Blood Pressure

Most people derive satisfaction from their work. It is a source of self-affirmation and lends meaning to their lives. But if they happen to suffer from high blood pressure they must arrange their work schedule so as to eliminate too much pressure and long irregular hours. A long work day with only a short lunch break becomes more problematical for the person with high blood pressure. The older he gets the severity of his hypertension is directly related to the degree of difficulty and responsibility of his job. Coffee, nicotine or possibly even stronger stimulants are not the answer to afternoon fatigue, especially not if the person has high blood pressure. Instead he should get enough rest during lunch break. He must give himself a chance to unwind and give his blood pressure a chance to go down. If he does this he will come back in the afternoon relaxed and rested. He must arrange his work schedule so that he can get this noon day rest. In setting up his work schedule he should try to follow these rules:

  1. Avoid all extraneous stress and overexertion.
  2. Avoid long hours, night work or shift work.
  3. Try to keep a regular schedule.
  4. Lunch periods of at least one hour with short naps if possible.

The person should consult the physician of the plant he is working for. In some rare instances a change of jobs may even be indicated. Hypertensives should avoid strenuous physical labour, especially if it involves lifting and carrying heavy loads, as well as jobs in which the possible side effects of their medication could affect their own safety and that of others. For example, truck drivers, aeroplane pilots, crane operators, construction workers, etc. If a person has high blood pressure and if he is working in one of these fields he must try to get advice on retraining for another job or profession.

How to spend our leisure time if a person suffers from hypertension? He must spend his leisure in ways that benefit his health. He can do things that he enjoys and that meets his needs. If he has a sedentary desk job then he must do something physical in his free time. If he is involved in a work that demands physical labour then he must relax in his free time and take a lot of rest.

But whatever be a person’s job the leisure time activities must be designed in such a way that helps in his health. It is better that a person considers outdoor activities like walking, bicycling, fishing, playing outdoor games, gardening, or having indoor hobbies like photography, film making, painting, collecting, carpentry, raising flowers or animals, reading, listening to music, or playing an instrument, taking courses, watching TV, going to the theatre instead of sitting and worrying over unwanted stress­inducing matters.