Low Blood Pressure Treatment

Low blood pressure usually referred to the condition when the blood pressure level falls below the normal level. At this kind of situation the functioning of heart, pressure of the blood through the arteries became weaker. The person who is suffering from low blood pressure for a chronic period in an usual case has a complain of weakness, dizziness, lethargy and fatigue. The person who is suffering from low blood pressure may faint at any time. These symptoms takes place due to drop-off of blood to the brain, skeletal muscle, heart and other organs too.

There are some treatments related to low blood pressure. For those who are suffering from chronic low blood pressure are usually treated with diet and lifestyle alterations. Some simple chages that doctors usually adviced to increase the blood pressure level are:-

  • Eatting a diet that is enriched with salt in higher proportion.
  • It has been prescribed to decrease caffeine intake.
  • Drinking of lots of nonalcoholic fluids – it is needed to have a minimum of 8 glasses per day. Sports drinks that are enriched with high sodium and potassium are prescribed in cases of exercise or in hot weather.
  • Consuming of extra salt and drinking more fluids at the time of hot weather has also been prescribed. It is also being prescribed during a viral illness, like cold or the flu.
  • It is also prescribed to do regular exercise in order to promote blood flow.
  • It has been prescribed to avoid heavy lifting.
  • One who is suffering from low blood pressure should avoid straining while on the toilet.
  • Avoiding of extended exposure to hot water, such as hot showers and spas are also being prescribed.
  • In order to avoid problems related to low blood pressure after having meal, one should try eating smaller and should have more frequent meals.
  • Using of elastic support densification stockings that covers the calf and thigh has also been proved to be effective in cases of low blood pressure. These elastic support helps to limit blood flow to the legs, thus it helps holding more blood in the upper body.
  • At the time of bed the person who is suffering from the problems of low blood pressure should elevate the head of the bed at night by 5 to 20 degrees. One can use the bricks or blocks under the head of bed.
  • One needs to be caucious while rising from a position of sitting or lying down. Before standing up it is prescribed to pump feet and the ankles for a few times. Same has to be followed in the time of getting up from bed. For a moment if one sit at the edge of the bed can avoid the problem.


There are some medications that have proved to be effective to get rid of the problems of low blood pressure. One is Fludrocortisone and other is Midodrine. The first one functions by boosting sodium storage by the kidney and because of that a fluid retention happens along with some swelling. It is necessary to ameliorate blood pressure. Midodrine on the arterioles (smallest arteries) activates the receptors as well as on the veins and this procedure helps to increase the blood pressure level.