Microlife Blood Pressure Monitors

As high blood pressure is a problem that majority of the population is grappling with many studies are undertaken to completely understand the problem. A research has estimated that measuring blood pressure at home is more accurate than at a doctor’s office. The blood pressure of patients with hypertension must be measured in a systematic way at home.

Microlife – A World Leader

When choosing a blood pressure monitor it is necessary to keep in mind certain things:

  • Select a design that makes it easy to perform blood pressure measurements
  • The blood pressure monitor must have clinical validation.
  • The blood pressure monitor must have provision for storing blood pressure measurements.

The Microlife blood pressure monitors are so designed to have all the above features. It also has validation by the British Hypertension Society (BHS), the leading authority on blood pressure monitoring devices worldwide. Microlife is the leader in the field of manufacturing high quality medical diagnostic equipment. Other than blood pressure monitors, they also manufacture peak flow metres and digital thermometers and distribute them worldwide.

Microlife Blood Pressure Products

Microlife manufacture a range of blood pressure monitors suitable for clinic use and home (self) assessment. Some of the products include:

Microlife ‘as easy as 123’ Blood Pressure Monitor: It is a digital upper arm blood pressure monitor that has completely automatic inflation and deflation and is easy to use. Using oscillometric measuring method, the monitor allows very highly accurate and fast systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings and pulse frequency measurement. The large LCD display shows the operational status and cuff pressure. To determine that the right sized cuff is used, measure around the middle of the upper arm. It is absolutely important to have the right size cuff (22-32 circumference) or else you will not get accurate readings. The monitor has a capacitive pressure sensor; stores last measurement in memory automatically, is battery operated and has one touch operation feature.

Microlife BP A100 Blood Pressure Monitor: The monitor is simple and uses the same measuring technology as the BP 3BTO-A award-winning model and tested as per the British Hypertension Society (BHS) protocol. This reliable medical instrument has Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAH) technology to detect irregular heartbeats while measuring blood pressure and displays the symbol. The device is equipped with XL-display; stores last reading, have washable cuff cover and indicate low battery. The rechargeable battery can be used.

BP3BPTO-A: The features of the monitor include one-touch operation, memory and Fuzzy Logic Technology, an advanced technology used by the microprocessor for controlling technical components.

BB3BPTO-A (2): This device is a special monitor for women, especially for pregnant women, and recommended by the doctors. It uses Fuzzy Logic technology and has a memory of 30.

BP3AC1-1PC: Can be connected to a personal computer having Microlife Blood Pressure Analyser software. This allows the patients to record their blood pressure values and enables the doctor from to check the database for the patients’ blood pressure values. The device uses Microlife Average Mode (MAM) technology for superior and reliable monitoring of blood pressure. It is possible to perform the automatic data analysis of the dynamic parameter of blood pressure, using three successive measurements. It also uses Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD) and Fuzzy Logic technology and has a memory of 99.