Normal Blood Pressure In Children

Since the year 1995, in the Health Survey for England, Blood pressure levels in children (aged 5- 15 years) have been measured. Systolic blood pressure in general has been increasing along with the age. At the age of 13 years, the Systolic blood pressure is alike values both for the boys and the girls. But after that age it extremely varies in males and females. Overall average systolic and diastolic blood pressure are showing similar values in both the boys and girls who falls under the age group of 5 to 15 years.

According to the National High Blood Pressure Education Program Working Group, amongst the children under the age of three years blood pressure screening has been started for healthy children. This screening procedure can be started for the children who are at high risks like those who were born small, early, or those who are taking medicines. All this individually can contribute to the factors behind the raise the blood pressure.

Childhood has been considered as the most significant time to develop the future health. Today obesity and physical inactivity amongst the children has increased rapidly. Conversantly hypertension and pre-hypertension has also come to play important role even in children life. Many researches have founded the correlation between high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, snoring and high cholesterol. According to their research presence of any one of those invariably ensures the presence of another one. The examination of blood pressure level has been the one amongst the parameters that determines the presence of these diseases in the body of a child.

The normal blood pressure level amongst the child who is aged three years should be above 107/69. But it should not exceed 107/69 at the kindergarten physical level. When a child is at his or her 10 years, the level of blood pressure should not exceed 117/75. According to a research it has been proved that two percent out of hundred of all children have high blood pressure. If a child has a high pressure it will effect on his future life as well. But the irony of the fact is that only 10 to 12 percent of high blood pressure in children is being diagnosed perfectly.

Finally it can be said that, the normal blood pressure ranges amongst the children are comparatively lower than the elderly. Age, race, gender came to play a significant role in blood pressure level in cases of children. It also varies with emotional reactions, exercise, digestion, sleep, and time of the day. It also varies with the height and gender percentile. Boys usually have a than the girls of the like age group. Shorter children usually have a lower blood pressure than the taller children. A normal blood pressure of an average 5 year old girl would be less than 106/68. It has been estimated that 4.5% of children have high blood pressure. The only way of checking whether a child is having a normal blood pressure level is none other than routine examination.