Smoking And High Blood Pressure

Cigarette smoking is highly injurious for health in various ways. Smoking has a direct relationship with high blood pressure. Thus it is related to many other diseases such as heart problems etc. Being exposed to a second hand smoking on daily basis causes equal harm to an individual.

Cigarettes contain nicotine in it. High blood pressure means a condition when the lateral blood pressure on the walls of blood vessels is higher than the normal. This might occur due to various reasons like constriction of vessel wall or greater blood flow through the blood vessels or faster beat of heart etc. The nicotine content in Cigarettes and other tobacco products cause the blood vessels to constrict and the heart to beat faster, which creates high blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure acts as silent killer.

Smoking always creates vascular complications like heart diseases and stroke. In people, who already have hypertension or high blood pressure smoking is particularly serious problem. Smoking a cigarette can repeatedly produce an immediate, temporary rise in the blood pressure of 5 to 10 mm of Hg. However, it is studied that steady smokers have lower blood pressure than nonsmokers. The reason is that the nicotine content of cigarette causes a decrease in appetite that leads to loss of weight. The reduced body weight in turn lowers the blood pressure.

Like Nicotine, caffeine also causes a mild increase in blood pressure. The combination of smoking and drinking coffee might raise the blood pressure more than drinking coffee alone. But limited caffeine intake and cigarette smoking sometimes might control high blood pressure in a hypertensive individual.

Thus Cigarette smoking causes high blood pressure which might lead to heart attack, heart failure or stroke. The more one smokes, more is the risk factor for heart attack and or stroke. The person who smokes and has high blood pressure is more prone to heart attack than he person who have high blood pressure alone but does not smoke. Smoking results in narrowing of artery which is noticed during high blood pressure. So one who smokes and has high blood pressure, has narrower artery, which causes blood pressure to rise more quickly.

It is best way to quit cigarette smoking and other uses of tobacco to lower high blood pressure and to avoid the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Stopping smoking reduces risk of heart diseases immediately and the risk of having a heart attack reduce to half within the first year. Ceasing to smoke needs commitment and strong will power but that is not sufficient all the times.

Now-a –days effective treatments for nicotine addiction is always available. These include Specialist behavioral support, Nicotine replacement therapy etc. The Nicotine Replacement Therapy includes patch, gum, microtab, inhaler nasal spray, lozenge etc and Zyban (bupropion hydrochloride). The best chance of stop smoking comes by joining specialist smoking cessation clinic and using the appropriate medication. One should consult the doctor for proper guidance to stop smoking to control high blood pressure.